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Sarah Louise Faulkner

Overcoming grief through music

Sarah Louise Faulkner combined her love of music with her studies to become a nurse to study the healing power of music.

Beau Bergman

Gamecock at birth

Beau Bergman is still several months shy of his first birthday, but he already has an indelible connection to Carolina. The little guy rocks a garnet-and-black sweatshirt and baseball cap, and he’s tailgated with some of the university’s most dedicated fans.

Nic Butler

Time traveler

If you want to delve deep into the history of Charleston you could take a guided tour of the city. But if your time and money are limited, check out the Charleston Time Machine with Nic Butler.

Seth Howell and family

Sky's the limit

Seth Howell, former Air Force pilot and recent University of South Carolina School of Medicine graduate, credits his family — especially his wife — with his success in med school. The Jefferson, S.C., native hopes to practice in a rural location after completing his residency.

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